Once Upon a time There Was a Bear

That bear was me, and I gave myself the nickname Sleeping Bear because I perceive myself as fairly easy to get along with, unless riled, then I am a mean ole bear.

Back in 1994 I got involved with a group of poets called the Night Heron Poets. Due to a set of rather casual and random circumstances (unless you believe in fate), I became the publisher of a local literary paper first called Scene Arts of the Treasure Coast and then later I changed the name of the paper to Abundance, A Harvest of Life, Literature and the Arts, and the publisher from Sleeping Bear Press to Abundance Press.

Seems a company up in Michigan started using the name Sleeping Bear Press a little after I did, but I could not get them to stop using it without lots of legal assistance. As my Sleeping Bear Press was a shoe string operation, I decided to change. but as I see that the other SBP has been bought out by another company, I decided to reclaim the name. If they wanna sue, I guess they can.

Years passed. I moved down to West Palm Beach, the old Night Herons more or less dissolved, our favorite venue, The Lyric not only kicked us out, but tore down the great Ginger Smith Baldwin Stage in the lobby that we performed on. I started a literary group on Shelfari called Better than Starbucks. somewhere, I think after winning the Goodreads Poet of the Month in June of 2013, I decided to start blogging. Its been fun, in about 6 months, I have had a little less than 2000 page views.

But it occurred to me if i ever have a guest blogger, blogging as Anthony Uplandpoet Watkins, doesnt leave a lot of room for a guest. Thusly, I am trying to transition to Sleeping Bear Press. Hope it works.


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