Deport the Red Man!!!

As many of you know, I am taking a fabulous course at from

Yale Law School called Constitutional Law The Professor is a great fellow by the name of Akhil Reed Amar
one of my fellow students started a thread like this. I am not using his name, because my purpose here is not to embarrass him, but to use his post as a jumping off point:

Undocumented (immigrates) Workers is difficult to embrace for me personally. I cannot understand how people who break the law by entering U.S. Soil; are given a waiver or abdication of sort while if I walk through certain neighborhoods in prestigious communities will be arrested and charged with trespassing, or even shot. I am more than likely going to get community service or probation concerning this charge. This offense will come down to a disorderly conduct charge that will stay on my record and that’s documented.

So I have an issue with people breaking the law regardless and am relinquished without any accountability. I realize immigrants contribute to the economy ….but people should be sent packing….

I replied:

i will resist the urge to ask you if english is your second language, but you might wanna work on it a bit. maye you are like me, and cant bear the conventions.

so passing on that, i will get to the core issue:

how is someone undocumneted if their family was here before the rest of us knew “here was here.” i agree europeans, africans, and most asians who are here without legal documentation are on thin ice, as were the founding fathers. none of the original settlers (the 100 million decendents of the immigrants who crossed the land bridge while the anglos, the saxons, the scots, the romans, the greeks and even the egyptians were wonder from cave to desert without written language or much in the way of intellegence to show for themselves) were “from here” but they had squatters rights long before leif or columbus or whichever boat full of pilgrims you wanna claim as original settlers left europe! and none of those european immigrants asked for permission to land, they came, they took, they destroyed, peoples and property and now you wanna know if those they displaced have a right of return against the great and fair and just laws the europeans drew up upon stealing and killing and destroying? really? if i came to your grandfathers house, raped and murdered most of your ancestors, but your father escaped and raised you in a far away place, and you grew to be a man and decided to return, should i be allowed to deport you on grounds of trespass?

show me a european who has documentation that he has a right to live on this indian land (documentation given to him by they rightful owners, not other europeans drawing up imaginary deeds to things they dont own), then i will ask the indian from mexico or peru to show me his documentation. how can so many americans not only be so stupid, but so evil? if you benefit from murder and theft of property, what right do you have to complain if the victims family tries to survive on the land that was theirs by right?

I am happy to report most of the class seems to be a bit more enlightened than this fellow, though a couple are still trying to justify the Civil War from the high moral ground of the Southern States.

Anyway, please let me know what i am missing on the point of these horrible, dangerous and highly immoral illegal immigrants, no not the english, i mean the red man. and by the way, the course is still open and completely free. i would recommend it to any and all!!!!


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