Poaching, Mustard and Daylight (Not Poaching Mustard at Daylight)

A bit of everything, except neither the novel or the cookbook this time around, though maybe a bit of this could go in one or the other.


Nice cool morning, just before daylight, so i stepped out and took a couple of shots in the dark, so to speak, one natural, and one with a flash. shoulda grbbed my real camera, these are iphone blurry.


But before dawn, yesterday, to be exact, about dawn yesterday, i decided to have some sausage on toast. Actually, this goes back a couple of months ago when Dunkin’ Donuts was selling spicy sausage biscuits. I ordered a few over a few week time frame, though i really dont need to be getting anything but an occasional cup of black coffee from there. I really enjoyed them, but now, they have discontinued them. This is actually a good thing, because the less excuse I have to eat biscuits, the longer I will live. At any rate, i got a craving for one, and wasnt about to make A biscuit, and I certainly didnt need to make a BATCH of biscuits, so i toasted and buttered two slices of white bread, browned a couple of slices of anduoille sausage, ground some black pepper ad sprinkled a gerenrous coating of cayenne powder. Somehow, I knew that wasnt going to be quite enough. Mustard! not my fancy DiJon mustard, regular old French’s Yellow!ImageOh my! You know, if you have read my blogs very long that i love really hot pepper and lots of black pepper and at least a teaspoon of curry in about everything except my black coffee. I had forgotten the joy of pure old yellow mustard!


Wow! I guess this IS an all food blog. Because later in the day, we engaged in one of our favorite things to do when we have nothing else to do, “Goodwilling.” This is a visit to one or more Goodwill stores, rarely with intent to buy something, as one can never count on finding any particular thing at Goodwill. We look at stuffed animals, for C, paintings, books and furniture, for us grown folk, then, usually the best part, we browse the knick knacks, poking fun at the taste of our fellow Americans, usually without thinking that at least they had the good sense to dnate it, and we are silly enough to see if there s something we might actually buy.

Sometimes we see something that brings back memories. That is what happened yesterday. When I was very small, probalby 4-6 yrs of age, we spent a good bit of time with my late Grandma Owens. She sometimes fixed us poached eggs. I hated eggs. I eat them everyday now, mixed in with my breakfast concoction, but then, they just made me gag. I really didnt like them poached, but two things about poached eggs. I had never ever seen anyone else make poached eggs, and the other was that my grandmother let me get the poaching dish out from under the sink. That is odd, i have never been in a house when people kept there cooking utilsels under the sink, and maybe 50 years have blurred my memory, but it seemed she kept them right under the sink, and i could get them out and she would poach eggs for me and my brother and herself. They looked so interesting, and they werent the gelatinous flats that fried eggs were, so i would open my egg and eat the yummy yellow part out. I havent thought much about poached eggs in the half century since y grandmother used to make the for us. Here was the exact same poaching device she used, at Goodwill. No I didnt but it, but i snapped this pic.Image


In the category of “what were they thinking” i saw this odd desk/table. it almost looks like they just laid it on its side.Image

After Goodwilling, we had a bit of an appetite, so we got some health food at Popeye’s:) while waiting on our food, C decided to try balancing his straw on his nose and later used it for a mustache. He must get his silliness from his mother’s side….Image




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