A Taste of a Thousand Years

A Taste of a Thousand Years

I sit and eat
The asparagus my wife made
Roasted in the oven
With salt and pepper
And some butter
And realize it is one of the best things
I have ever eaten

Which makes me think of the others
My grandmothers fried okra
Blackened and brown
And my mothers fried corn
Floating in butter and blackened with pepper

And of course the meals I have eaten out
The soft shellcrab sandwich
at little ray’s in pass Christian
perfectly crispy breading in the ourside
and rich whole crab flavors
invading my mouth with each bite
mixing with a balance of freshly shredded lettuce,
a home baked roll encrusted with seseme seeds
and little rays own recipe tartar sauce
Little Rays was swept away by Katrina

And then there is Papa Dinos
Where I fell in love with a veal parmesan
Again, the sauces and the breads,
with a delicate mozzarella
and a morally ambiguous slice of veal
Papa Dinos fell victim to college kids
 belief in marketing and chain encroachment

and there are other tastes that make the mark
and I realize the grandness of my fortune
and feel an obligation to give these
sensory high points to the world

though the written word fails me
as the mortal form will someday
and yet I must try
for someday I will be forgotten
but maybe this remembrance will continue

a thousand years from now
a man will sit at the table
of his wife’s finest dishes
and wonder if this ancient poet
tasted a thing better than that dinner


Dead Coffee


Drunk old men sitting at tables in this bar and grill

Listening to a middle aged cover band play Dead,

And all of them remembering the days of their youth

As they never were just like it was yesterday.


Fading as they sit, fading to gray,

Fading to gray, and then fading away,

From the bar,

From the memories of the women

They thought would remember

And finally fading from the good earth itself.


A life in ashes blows in the wind,

A faint cloud across a muddy river,

Leaving a trace smudged against the bar,

Forgotten with the morning wipe down,

Like a life that never was.


I sit, too mortal for booze,

Drinking coffee and ice water

Sharing a moment with my brother

Before he leaves for his new home

Six hundred miles away.


Making a memory he and I will share

As long as we live

Until we fade, like a wisp of smoke

Into the morning sky.

If I Ran for Office



I would not run for a local election, because as much as I believe in progressive ideas and ideals at the local level, that is not my real focus.

I would have to start at no lower level than US congressional district, and first, I don’t have money or name recognition, though I can turn on the charm and tend to be able to make people believe in me, so maybe I would have a shot, though I probably would need to run for something local then aim for state rep or senate, then try to move up. And believe me, I know how hard these races are to win. I worked on several local campaigns over the years and watched attractive, intelligent, articulate people get bet due to dirty pool.

And let me be clear, this is not a toe in the water, as my wife could not stand me running for office, this is just a mental exercise.


My issues are national and international. Recently a cousin of mine shared a video of a lady running for mayor of Jackson, Mississippi and her main campaign platform was the legalization of industrial hemp. I think her cause is an honorable one, but it has nothing to do with the city of Jackson.


I care about voter rights, about a tax policy that helps the poor, not only to feed and clothe them, but to give them a safe path to the middle class through education and job opportunities. I care about open borders. I do not think we should prevent people whose ancestors have lived in the Americas before the English kings climbed out of their caves and learned to speak an early form of German.

 I support sound environmental policy that would restrict the over use of grazing, fishing, or whatever natural resources we all share in common. I do not support the private ownership of the products of nature. I think we should deed the use of property and natural materials to the private owner when they can show their ownership improves the greater good and whenever the property falls into disuse or misuse, it should revert to the people as commonly held.

I support teacher testing, in all schools, public and private, charter and non charter. I also support a system that creates a tiered teacher program where young teachers are supervised by a master teacher, and that master teacher would serve as their backup in the class room, so the practice of trapping a teacher in a classroom all day, with very little break or help, would end. This, along with more rigorous rules for schools that are geared to primarily graduate classroom teachers, as well as better pay and overall working conditions, would prevent burnout and attrition and would create a better education system. (more on this at another time)

I also think it is time we reorganize the way we trap children in a classroom for most of the weekday in the name of education.

 I oppose the privatization of community or govt institutions. I support the old laws that prevented banks from operating across state lines. I support single payer health care.

I support a wage system that require businesses to pay out a certain percentage of their gross profit to the employees, so that the CEOs and the stock holders do not benefit from the labor of underpaid workers.


I support reparations for African Americans as well as for Native Americans, not because it’s a nice gesture on our part, but because as core members of our country, they deserve to have compensation for what was taken from them. While a small portion of this might be directed into a cash payment to qualifying persons, I think the most of it should be directed at institutions that strengthen the overall community as well as assist in moving more of these populations firmly into the middle class through education and job opportunities.