Dead Coffee


Drunk old men sitting at tables in this bar and grill

Listening to a middle aged cover band play Dead,

And all of them remembering the days of their youth

As they never were just like it was yesterday.


Fading as they sit, fading to gray,

Fading to gray, and then fading away,

From the bar,

From the memories of the women

They thought would remember

And finally fading from the good earth itself.


A life in ashes blows in the wind,

A faint cloud across a muddy river,

Leaving a trace smudged against the bar,

Forgotten with the morning wipe down,

Like a life that never was.


I sit, too mortal for booze,

Drinking coffee and ice water

Sharing a moment with my brother

Before he leaves for his new home

Six hundred miles away.


Making a memory he and I will share

As long as we live

Until we fade, like a wisp of smoke

Into the morning sky.


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