A Taste of a Thousand Years

A Taste of a Thousand Years

I sit and eat
The asparagus my wife made
Roasted in the oven
With salt and pepper
And some butter
And realize it is one of the best things
I have ever eaten

Which makes me think of the others
My grandmothers fried okra
Blackened and brown
And my mothers fried corn
Floating in butter and blackened with pepper

And of course the meals I have eaten out
The soft shellcrab sandwich
at little ray’s in pass Christian
perfectly crispy breading in the ourside
and rich whole crab flavors
invading my mouth with each bite
mixing with a balance of freshly shredded lettuce,
a home baked roll encrusted with seseme seeds
and little rays own recipe tartar sauce
Little Rays was swept away by Katrina

And then there is Papa Dinos
Where I fell in love with a veal parmesan
Again, the sauces and the breads,
with a delicate mozzarella
and a morally ambiguous slice of veal
Papa Dinos fell victim to college kids
 belief in marketing and chain encroachment

and there are other tastes that make the mark
and I realize the grandness of my fortune
and feel an obligation to give these
sensory high points to the world

though the written word fails me
as the mortal form will someday
and yet I must try
for someday I will be forgotten
but maybe this remembrance will continue

a thousand years from now
a man will sit at the table
of his wife’s finest dishes
and wonder if this ancient poet
tasted a thing better than that dinner



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