VOTE FOR ME!!!!!! Oh wait, you can’t, not yet.


If I am lucky enough to make the cut, i will be back to beg, plead, cajole, and demand your vote:)

Well a year ago I was lucky enough to be nominated and then extremely lucky enough to win the vote for the monthly Goodreads Newsletter Poetry Contest. The Contest rules require a winner to sit out for a year. This is my first month of eligibility, so I have entered a recent poem called: In the One Unbroken Chair.

The funny thing is, every month somewhere between 400-500 poets submit a poem, then a panel of judges pick 6 for us to vote on. Most months I read most of the 400 or so poems and think, “I write better than any of these!” Of course my vanity is reinforced by my winning a year ago. but as luck and karma would have it, this, my first month back, i already see several poems that i am not at all sure my poem will best, and there are hundreds more submissions yet to come. Funny how life can teach you a lesson about humility, in spite of our best efforts….


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