So You Dont Hate TV, Anymore? Neither Do I


Okay, I still hate 99 percent of TV, but then,
I should, with 500 channels playing something 24 hours per day, if I liked all of it, I’d go nuts.

But we keep finding more shows, we like, and most especially shows I like.
Suzanne will watch Survivor, or one of the several Housewives or Game of Thrones, or Married to Medicine, as well as Blackbox,
and we both tried Orange is the New Black for a season and then got REALLY tired of it. We tried Alpha House, but lost interest after of two episodes.

We are waiting on the return of our favorites, Newsroom, Scandal, House of Cards (American, we couldn’t get into the Brit version),
she loves Downton Abbey and I can usually bear it. Sherlock Holmes can be good or tiresome, but its always worth a try,
and there is so little of it, you at least cant be tired of it too much.
True Detective is high on our list, too. We are really wondering what the next season will bring.

We watch Leverage and White Collar with Christopher, they are cute and sweet and a bit silly, but pretty clever.

And now we have discovered The Bridge, which we are both liking, a lot! and Murder in the First,
the Stephen Bochco show which we are kinda iffy on, but will probably watch some more.
We are really liking Last Week Tonight! It is the only news show we watch:)

And no, we do not watch Sports, except the Alabama-Auburn Game, and the Triple Crown, unless we have something else to do,
like go to the beach, or the park, or paint, or play Monopoly or Spades.

For over 15 years I considered TV a “wasteland”, but these days, I see it more as a deep dark hole in the ground,
with some nice veins of gold running through it, just waiting to be mined!

Happy Viewing! And feel free to leave a recommendation or two, but no Sit-Coms! Suzanne and I were discussing last night.
The cute but annoying aspects of I Love Lucy have only gotten less cute and more annoying over the past 60 years….


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