My Ideal Candidate that I Would Never Vote For…

I see rumors everyday of some lefty Dem considering or being encouraged to run against Hillary, or the White House or even being encouraged by the White House to challenge Hillary. First of all, I doubt the Obama Administration wants Elizabeth Warren to run against Hillary. Obama and Hillary are center right corporatist progressives. Note, America, in general, consider both of them at the liberal end of the spectrum they could stand for.

I am my own favorite candidate, but I have enough gumption to never run. I am to the left of Bernie Sanders and Warren on almost every issue.

Prison Reform:
Abolish the Death Penalty AND Life Sentences. Fully fund Legal Defense Funds so that EVERYBODY gets a fair trail

Drug Policy: Legalize and regulate and tax EVERYTHING

Guns: same as drug policy

Immigration Policy: Open Borders. Anyone wanting to enter America, come on, come thru a legal port of entry (a bridge, an airport, or a seaport) announce yourself, submit to a dna, a retinal, and photo and finger print documentation. include all data on a card, issue same ID card to all Americans. end of story.

Healthcare: Eliminate private health insurance, offer insurance processor staff jobs in the new administration of healthcare and extend universal single payer coverage to all comer, citizens or not.

Military: dismantle most of our combat force and bases, through attrition. Maintain the strongest military in the world, but not a military stronger than the rest of the world COMBINED. Convert unneeded staff and bases to a civilian training corp.

Civilian Service Corp: Training would be conducted at retired military bases, by career military and career educators. All residents citizen or otherwise must on the 18th birthday or when they finish high school, but no later than their 20th birthday, must enlist in a civilian service corp with a military component. A few weeks of basic military and fitness training ala “boot camp” then a short training period in civil service, then a 1 year deployment to a domestic location to staff hospitals, schools, repair infrastructure, work in national forests, etc. If there is a war, the corp leaders who are career military would lead the most recent civilian trained corp into battle.

Universal service is key to re establishing a sense of understanding of who we are and what it means to be an American.

Environmental Policy: Take whatever measures are needed to stop or slow global warming, including funding and subsidizing green energy, by taxing all non green energy at a rate that reflects its true cost to the environment.

Wage and Wealth Policy: No company is allowed to pay its top management more than 25 times its lowest paid employee, domestically, and 50 times, globally. That is to say if the company employees a developing world line employee $1.00 per hour, the CEO could not be compensated, thru ANY means at more than $50.00 per hour. This should immediately solve the minimum/living wage issue. To pay the CEO a million dollars in perks, incentives, stock options and salary, the lowest paid American employee would have to receive $20.00 per hour, a good living wage.

Trade Policy: We have no trade barriers with any country that abides by the same human rights and labor and environmental policies as we do. And no matter how much we might like to do business with a country, if they o not meet these criteria, we use tariffs to protect our environment, our workers, and our citizens.

Religious Freedom Policy: The establishment clause should be vigorously enforced to
ensure that all religions and no religion at all, have equal footing, that no religion can enforce its beliefs on others.

Now, if there ever was a candidate WHO MEETs ALL these policy positions, I would NEVER campaign for that candidate against a more Obama/Clintonesque candidate, because America doesn’t really like extremism on either the left or the right, and such candidate, no matter how charming and dynamic, would doom us to a more conservative (anti American) candidate, possibly a Tea Cake extremist!


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