An open letter to Fiat

a sad copy
My next car

First of all, I have loved Fiats for about 50 yrs now.

My first Fiat:(mine was green)1st car front1st car rear

I will be trading my Kia Soul in of a 500 one of these days, but there are two points I would strongly suggest. 1) 500L: you might sell a bunch of these, but I think you went the wrong way. either give us a little 850 spyder/sport,
possibly the cutest car ever made
or even better yet, a SmartCar killer with a .9 twin air and a tiny car, that meets safety standards and has a back seat and weighs about 2000 lb! i dont want a Fiat to beat a Porsche, if I did, I would buy an Abarth. I want a tiny, cute little car that gets 50 mpg and makes me fall in love every time I walk out to my garage! That brings me to point 2)Avoid putting the new 500 in the same shot as the real 500, it makes the car I am going to have to buy look bloated and sad. I know the new Beetle and the new Mini did the same thing, but until you are ready to bring out a new model, maybe call it… I don’t know… the topolino…
keep a little space between the lovely little jewels and the modern resemblance. I have a friend who jokes that a Chrysler 300 looks like a Bentley, unless there is a Bentley around, same goes for the 500. It looks as cute as a “real” 500, unless there is a real one around…. if I didn’t have a young son, and if any car built before about 2000 wasn’t basically a death trap, I would buy an original. as it is, I will drop 20G or more on a cute 1957 edition, but spare me the pain of having to look art the original and then selling me a students copy!
I don’t know, even a Belvedere would be okay, but just keep it SMALL, not make it bigger, the 500L looks like an attractive person who needs to lose weight…

If you have to go bigger:


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