As Scots Contemplate a Leaving, I Look to Draw Us Together

Two days from now, the Union will hold or fall, but in either case, a lot of damage and lot of good has already been done, depending on who you ask. A union older than ours is cracking and creaking like an old leather ottoman under the heavy feet of time.
American Flagtired jackcrisp blue

And yet, on this distant shore a Socialist shall arise. Bernie says he’s “thinking about” a run for the Democratic Party. he either is or he isn’t, he isn’t Schrodinger. I a pretty sure he considers himself a “message candidate” there are those quotes again! a message candidate works best when both parties have become so moderate, as George Wallace, the Message candidate of my youth put it, you cant tell a dimes worth of difference between the two parties. in fairness to George, in 1964 and 1968, a dime was worth at least a dollar in todays economy, but even a dollar doesn’t cover the moderate conservatives like Obama and both of the Clintons, and the lunatic fringe that is now the mainstream of the GOP, but if you look at it as a bell curve, you see Hillary and Paul Ryan standing shoulder to shoulder, and on the extreme left you see Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. ( I must confess that I was a county chair of the first Dennis Kucinich campaign). I love these guys, though in some ways I find them a little conservative and old fashioned, but generally speaking, I could support them in any field. And then on the right you have these freaks who wonder if Cruz and Rubio and Ryan and Christie are right wing enough. you know, the quran burners, the ones who say atheists are not real americans, the ones who say we should shoot the native Americans if they try to sneak back into America.hillarybernieso on that curve, we see Hillary and Obama as too much more of the same as ryan and McConnell and McCain and Lindsay graham, even too much like sarah palin. so we lefties, those of us who are the true believers of social justice, of income equality, of equal opportunity even until we get an equal outcome, we think we need to remind the dreaded dnc, you know, the dinos, that real democrats matter and real progressive socialist platforms must be adhered to. the only problem is, as a good friend of mine told me why he was voting green in 2000, in florida (you know who you are my friend), it turned out that W was worse than Gore, there was about 100 trillion dollars worth of difference between the two of them. and this time, W would be too moderate to win the gop, so its Hillary, as a centrist, or Rubio, or ryan who will lean somewhere to the right of Hitler to pander to his base, and then smile, say Jesus, in a holy tone and kill the poor. because if the message is heard, if Hillary has to run left to beat out the liberal New Englanders to win the primaries, she will be painted blood red as a communist, nevermind that half the GOP has endorsed the old soviet KGB strong man.

So Bernie, if you are listening, you are doing great, where you are, stay there, lead the charge for progressive politics, but lead from the left flank, not by charging up the middle of your own ranks!

I see anything that challenges the center right Clinton Obama Clinton legacy will be enough to let the tea party take not only the White House but also the senate!!!

If we want to move the country left, let’s do it in the city/county/state levels. Every time the president or especially the presidential nomination gets out in front of the trend of the public, there is failure and backlash. A president must lead the willing, if a 1/3 hate you and a 1/3 love you, the middle has got to buy what you are selling. From wager you and I and a lot of our liberal friends stand Bernie and Elizabeth are reasonable moderates, maybe even a little conservative, but to that middle 1/3, Hillary is as far let as hey can go. I can’t bear another McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis defeat.

Let’s fight in our neighborhoods to move America not left, but forward, and the best way to do that is with a center right Hillary in the White House and a few NRA/coal friendly democrats in the senate

possibly the cutest car ever mademultipla

Yeah, the Fiats have nothing to do with the story, but they are so darn cute, I decided to throw them in again…. would you rather drive a Fiat or vote Republican? that’s easy for me!!!!!
I would make that a poll question, but I cant seem to get the poll button to work.


2 thoughts on “As Scots Contemplate a Leaving, I Look to Draw Us Together”

  1. Why doesn’t Bernie run a devolution campaign in the more liberal states? Many Scots are sick of being run by right wing Tories or the slightly less right wing Labour Party which moved so far right to be ‘electable’ that they became that which they were supposed to stand against.

    1. you mean run as a socialist in states where Hillary will still beat the GOP candidate? not sure, it can be done, but no matter how high the moral principles are of a politician, there is still a tendency to believe in themselves as the true savior and to be in the win at any cost mentality once they commit.

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