Uplandpoet’s Shocking Recipe for Comfort Coffee

Uplandpoet’s Shocking Recipe for Comfort Coffee 

I had an idea the other day, and when I have an idea, it can be dangerous, because I NEVER let tradition or conventional wisdom to stand in my way (ask me about oval valves someday). 

I have long held that things I love to eat would probably go well together and am often right, but this was different. I started thinking about how much I love coffee, and how much one of the things most coffee lovers like in a coffee is a full robust flavor. 

Full and robust flavor reminds of nothing more than a good soup stock. So I mentioned this to my wife, a cream and sugar coffee drinker. She loves to drink coffee nearly as much as I do, not quite, but then few people love coffee in the quality and quantity I do.

My idea was to add black pepper and fresh garlic to my coffee. She was horrified!

This morning tried it, and I really like it. I can’t say that it will ever replace pure black coffee. I can say I will make it again.

Ideally, one would use fresh pepper corns, fresh coffee beans and of course fresh garlic, but as we are living under some pretty horrific budget constraints (due primarly to a huge tax and insurance bill), I used 100% Colombian ground Folgers, ground black pepper and a fresh clove of garlic (please no garlic powder, no matter the budget!!!

I used our French press to prevent smelling up the coffee maker in the event I didn’t like it and in the very likely event that Suzanne did not like it.

I put in 16 oz of boiling hot water after I added the “dry” ingredients:

1 large clove of garlic, chopped (didn’t want to get the press dirty for one clove, dont know if chopped is different than pressed in flavor)

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper, 

1/4 cup coffee

a good shake or two of salt.

Let sit for about two minutes, pour off and enjoy!!!

Comfort Coffee, an update and a Brenda Black White addition 

I just made my 2nd cup of comfort coffee. I actually followed my recipe this time (the first time I just put stuff in and later estimated quantity).
I like just as I have it, but I might suggest that most folks would like about half as much black pepper and maybe a small clove of garlic as opposed to a large one.

I mentioned to the great Texas poet, and my personal mentor, Brenda Black White, that the comfort coffee was so robust and soup like I was tempted to add a pat of butter. She insisted I try it with butter and report back as she was considering actually making some of my coffee. 
I added the pat. hmm… i don’t know if i like it better with the butter, but it is a different brew altogether now, it is almost coffee flavored soup, which tastes better than it sounds. i suggest, to those of you who might actually be trying it, to take it without butter first, then try the butter. Let me know what you think! 

(My brother tells me, that in places in Africa (of course Africa is so big and so diverse, that probably a safe thing to say about almost anything) people put butter in their coffee as a matter of course, of course)


2 thoughts on “Uplandpoet’s Shocking Recipe for Comfort Coffee”

  1. Anthony … this does sound interesting. I too like to try unconventional methods and formulas. Recently while having lunch at a middle eastern restaurant the owner offered to brew me a cup of coffee from his home, Morocco. He brewed it like cowboy coffee in a pot on the stove, bringing it to boil several times. It was espresso blended with bergamot. I loved it for the same reason that I love Earl Gray tea. I searched online for this mixture to no avail. The only source I have found is bulk bergamot from the online herb vendors.

  2. On an episode of the Simpsons long ago, Marge made a joke about how Homer likes to put butter in his coffee. I laughed. Later I thought, “hmmm…” Though I’ve never tried it.

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