God Made Me an Atheist!

Somehow, in a literary discussion about Ayn Rand (who hated God, by the way), I mentioned that I had read the bible thru twice and had read most of it over and over, and in fact, reading the bible helped me become an atheist. A Christian Rand fan was a bit taken aback, so I wrote the following:

I didn’t just read the bible, I studied it. I tried to live by it, I approached morning noon and night holding its teachings above all other (I am still really fond of the “red letter” passages) but eventually came to realize that if the God of the old testament and the God of “St Paul” were the true god, I would much rather go to hell than offer any kind of tribute to such a creep and then the more I looked, I realized it was more appropriate to look at it as I do the mythology of other cultures. a basic primitive coping method for explaining what was not understood (today we call that feeble attempt science).

I love the great mythologies for their histories and their poetry, and the bible is no less, no more, to me.

I am atheist/agnostic in that I believe, on a day to day basis, my faith in a higher power matters neither to me or that power. I believe there might be a creator, though if so, I wonder who his mama and daddy were, if you get my logic there, and the one thing I am certain of is whatever god there may be, man, neither me, nor any other that has ever lived, knows anything about that god. that is how my years as a young boy growing up in a very devout faith and then attending religious schools and being taught by the greatest minds of that faith, I came to be an atheist.


One thought on “God Made Me an Atheist!”

  1. I too, discovered that the deity of the religion I was brought up in was clearly the work of humans by reading the bible, creating a similar disbeliever. It should probably be banned by christian theocracies!

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