The System Always Works for the Rich… Be the Rich (its not what you think)

If you don’t vote, volunteer and donate, you cant complain about democracy, you can complain about you not caring enough about our democracy. There is a very small percentage of americans who do not EVER buy a cup of coffee, a beer, or a hamburger, or a box of fries that they don’t both over pay for and do not need. I am not saying poor people can afford to give 5-10 bucks per month to a political party of campaign, but in spite of them not being able to afford it, they mostly do spend a few bucks each month on something that is less important to their future or the future of their children.

And even though many of us are working at least one full time job, and even though many of us have extra family responsibilities, we still could find an hour or two per month, probably per week, that if we cared, we could probably make phone calls, knock on doors, maybe even step up and stand for office.

To sit back, and maybe vote, maybe not, and say, “oh look, the system only works for the rich.” of course, all systems primarily work for the rich, except when the workingclass or middleclass TAKE the system over, sometimes with pitchforks and hanging scaffolds, but actually, in Amercia, all they have to do is organize, vote and knock on doors and donate a little money each. if every person whose family income was between $30,000 and $120,000 per year would donate a dollar per day and an hour per week to political activity, this middle 150,000,000 people would be bigger than all of the corporate donors combined, ($8 Billion dollars and 8 Billion hours of volunteered time, PER YEAR!!!)  If this group would work to make America a place where social and economic justice was equally defended for every person, where education and healthcare are not options only for the wealthy, if this group would invest in their own country instead of whining about citizens united or anything else, and take control of their country, it would no longer only be a system that worked for the rich, but only if none of them sell out in hopes of being art of the rich.

If they stick together and not only protect their own interests, but also look over their shoulders at the folks at the very bottom of the heap, and make sure  they also have path into a just world, then America WILL BE AS GREAT AS IT CAN BE!


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