Wolf Eating Babies and other Thoughts by a Middleaged White Man about Black folks and their Troubles

Slavery is still real today, not only as an ongoing institution around the globe, including domestically (though not so much targeted at American Blacks as the “traditional slavery” in America was.

If you screw people up for a couple of centuries, and not “just by slavery” which is to say, that American Blacks were not simply people who were forced to work without compensation, but EVERY aspect of slavery brutalized and dehumanized the black person. systematic rape, beating, killing as well as overwork, as well as usually being housed in cruel and unusual ways, and the prevention of self betterment in any sense. the financial robbery of the black person was almost incidental to the other evils imposed on him/her and endorsed by white society.

Today, there is little we can do about those institutional crimes, and less we can do about prosecuting the individual acts and criminals and victims are all dead. All we can do is seriously consider the part of the equation that can be repaired by reparation, we can stand for the civil rights that are threatened daily by those who do not hold the institutional oppression of non white to be a bad thing, namely, the Tea Party, and to a larger and larger degree, the whole of the Republican Party. So yes, these matters do still effect the lives of modern black folk.

to dismiss this is to contribute to the ongoing damage.

But to look at the past destruction, the recent destruction and the ongoing oppression of non whites and lay down and let these evil continue to control you and those around you, and not fight against both the white and the black who continue to be willing to play their roles in the plantation mentality is contributing to the problem almost as much as these closet Klansmen, who follow the direct linage from Wallace, Reagan, to the whole bore of the current GOP.

Yeah, ALL the blame can be traced to the feet of us white folk.


yet, if a wolf is at your door, trying to eat your baby (never mind that wolves are not really famous for eating babies as their reputation would have us to believe), and you, as the protector of the baby, stands in the doorway and say, “Mr. Wolf, I am going leave this door open, and if you come in and eat my baby, its all your fault.” sure, it is the white man who built this horrible system, but accepting that “black enough” culture is okay, that being reactionary against the evil ignorance of white people in ways that propagate the continued destruction of the black society is its own evil ignorance.

we have to fight red lining. we have to fight both subtle and open racism in the work place, the school, the schoolyard and anywhere else it raises its head, but black folks have to know that black folks are going have to close the damn door and quit standing by while the white wolf eats their babies!!!!!

I know MOST black folks spend every waking moment trying to protect their babies and don’t need any lecture from a white middle aged man on protecting their babies from white middle aged men, but if the “black community” thinks anyone but them are going stop the devaluation of the lives of black people in America, especially young black males, by white folk or by other black folk, they ARE being “unintelligent.”

Does this mean Bill Cosby and/or Charles Barkley have the moral authority to blame the plight of the average black person in America on unintelligent black people? no! no more than I have that authority, okay, maybe a little more, though both of them, at various points have been somewhat less than stellar examples of being intelligent. given the stories coming out about cosby, if they are true, I think he has less than no moral authority, and to sir Charles, i tend to like him, and agree with what I think he meant, even if not exactly what he said.

so that is today’s lesson to you black folk from this white cracker who cares enough to open up a big mouth where he probably ought to have kept it shut!

as an aside: , 60,000 Americans are still slaves, in 100% of the sense of the word, and more people are enslaved around the world today than in 1860.



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