What We Need is Smaller Government, Right?

Why don’t we compare our govt to the govt of countries who do things we like? Like the Scandinavian countries, France, the UK, Germany, I wonder what their govt employee to population ratio is compared to the US? Unfortunately, there doesn’t seems to be any readily accessible data on this, that I can find. if you have a source, please add it in the comments and of course, include the source.

I am betting we already have a pretty small govt. If anything, we need a larger govt to offer more services, to protect us from large corps that over work us, under pay us, destroy our jobs and the environment at the same time. we need better funding for PUBLIC roads bridges, hospitals and schools. As you can see in the graph at this site, we are at least already pretty small compared to the Reagan/bush/bush eras I don’t see ANY redeeming qualities in Libertarianism.

When I was in my early twenties, I found the simplicity of Libertarian thought to be great. I loved the black and white of everything, but shortly, I realized it was an inherently racist group. It had no mechanism to correct previous wrongs. it blamed the poor for being poor, even though the system had spent at least a thousand years, maybe tens of thousands of years making sure the poor generally stayed poor while protecting the wealthy against the scourges of time and circumstance.

Libertarianism is behind the stupidity of a couple of years ago when President Obama rightly said “You didn’t make that.” Every rich person and every small businessman in America benefits from public roads, public safety uniform building codes, banking codes, contract law, public education and to the extent it still exists our public healthcare system. some directly like the crook who is our current governor, but all indirectly. without the above things, a businessman would be at the mercy of the already rich for access to funds, for safe transport of product, etc.

And no, govt does not need to run more like a business, and god knows we have seen that govt should not BE a business. Govt is society doing what needs to be done to make us stronger, economically, socially, and militarily. when we invest in doing things that build a better stronger country in the long run, they should not meet the test of a business, which usually is, “can we make a profit this quarter?” so no, we do not need a smaller govt, and no, we do not need to get the govt “off our backs.” We need more responsible business people who understand their debt to their customers and their employees, people who do not look at those two classes as “marks” to be exploited, but as patrons who are the reason they exist.

Somehow the empty platitude that corporations are here first and foremost to return a profit to the stockholders has fallen from the lips of everyone, it seems. think about it, the purpose of any business is to serve the public, if it does that well, it should earn a profit for its trouble. if it rips off customers, if it exploits workers, if it destroys the environment, it should not only not make a profit, it should be liquidated.

I am a firm believer that all companies should be employee owned. if front line employees are not expendable pieces, they can help a company stay close to the customer, they can safeguard the interests of the corporation while better serving the public that a corporation should serve. the whole concept of modern American corporations seem like a system designed to destroy society, and remember, America is not a business, it is a society.

there are a million things we need to do, a million wrongs we need to right, but none of them involve cutting govt.


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