Liposuction (for the brain)

Most of us go through life, going to school, getting a job, paying bills, raising a family, then getting old, finding a hobby, and dying. We mostly do this without bumping into “movements”.  Somewhere I took a turn on the path of life and I seem to run into things that boggle my mind. maybe it started with Jackson Pollock, then on to the guy I can never remember who simply painted canvases a color. As many of you know, I am a poet, and as some of you know, I have been taking a Modern Poetry class. Poets have more movements, and talk about them more than a senior center (don’t even pretend you don’t know what im talking about!).

A few weeks ago I learned about Acrostics

which is saying something with the capital letters at the front of a poem. I wrote this, as an example:

It’s only Poetry


Why do people



The slightest


Tawdry word they

Hear spoken or

Even written on the


Fairest of pages

Ugly words

Cannot change nor

Keep the beauty



The poem nor

Slight the art


Of being creative

Nothing stands

Long before the gods of art. not




Or even

Efforts of

The ruling class

Religious leaders and certainly not


Now we have moved on to:

The term “mesostic” was coined by Norman O. Brown to describe the acrostic-like letter structures that John Cage used when writing short occasional prose-poems. These commemorative pieces were free verse structured by using an index of letters taken from the name of the dedicatee as a spine.

             a utility aMong 
                 is theiR
                      thEy produce it mid-air
             to avoid coLliding.
                      . . .
                the sounDs
                of the bUgle
         were out of my Control,
                       tHough without
                    my hAving
                        Made the effort
they wouldn't have been Produced.

– from 36 mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp (1970)

While studying for a writing assignment I clicked on a link to lipograms:

which is the art of writing around a missing letter or collection of letters.

I was “inspired” to try something a little different. Mine almost looks like text-speak:

I wondr at th naming of a writing styl that rqui no rduction on the part of th ditor, but shars th lack of a lttr or two with lipograms. The diffrnc is that lipograms writ around missing lttrs, whras this form simply dlts the lttr post writing. In this cas the lttr “” has bn rmovd.


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