Waving the Flag

Somehow, my Modern Poetry class stumbled onto a poem that challenges the Pledge of Allegiance at about the time we celebrated Veteran’s Day.

My biggest issue, besides the type of Americanism that uses patriotism as an excuse to terrorize anyone who doesn’t say the pledge, doesn’t cover their heart or place their hand above their eyes in salute is any form of patriotism that doesn’t say “I am proud to be an American”, but instead really says, “my country is better, righter and more moral than your country”, is troubling to me

So far, in my life, I have never met a “patriot” who considered all humans of equal value, so to my mind, patriotism is racism and bigotry. If you would defend America against charges that it is racist, that it is gender biased, that it was built on slavery and by stealing land from the native peoples, by drawing a line in the sand, sand it had NO right to, and running the natives out, if you would defend America against charges that it has built its empire by exploiting other countries and other humans around the globe,

you are not a patriot, you are an evil liar.

if by patriot, you mean you are proud of the good things we have done, in spite of the horrors we have perpetuated, and you want to fight to make America a more moral, humane and equal place, and restore the rights of natives and the children of slaves, if you are determined to see that women are treated equally, that people of LGBT orientations are given the same rights as the rest of us, then yeah, I will wave a flag for feeding the hungry, for educating the poor, for opening our borders to the immigrants who want to be part of the American dream, especially the native Americans who just want to “come home” to a land that was their ancestors for thousands of years before the Europeans every showed up. If you want to make America a country where no one every goes to bed hungry, homeless or without healthcare, then HAND ME A DAMN FLAG!!!!


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