On Writing, Part Infinity

A friend of mine, an editor, who is heavily invested in the concept of proper word use and punctuation, recently posted this quote on facebook, or more likely shared it from someone else’s post:

Russell Baker Quote

So I gave it a little thought and felt obliged to respond thusly:

uhhh well i do write like i talk in one long runon sentence until i finish my thought or more likely my entire story hardly taking a breath and i could go a long ways between breaths as i have really powerful lungs which reminds me of a story from my youth when we would go swimming in a place called countyhole a cold limestone creek that cut deep and ran long under a thick shade until it came to an old iron bridge with wooden planks only some of the planks were missing and the trees fell back and there the water was cloudy maybe from the limestone maybe from runoff from the nearby gravel pit maybe from a hogfarm a mile or two upstream which we hoped not though more than once one of us would come home with an earache but you dont want to hear that story because we were talking about the proper use of punctuation and how we use it every day in the spoken word and i start making marks in the air and pretty soon i am thinking about morse code and wondering if i can remember it though remember is the wrong word for even though i read it and and studied it a bit nearly fifty years ago i never learned it andthenirealizedwhenispeakinotonlydontmakedotsanddashesidontusespacesbecausepunctuationisafigmentasystemofisolatingofsegratgatingoftheoldevilthewhiterulingclassmakinggamestolockoutothertheothertheonesnotacceptedtheoneswhodonotknowthegamesoiswipemyhandacrosstheskyand throwallthemarksintoasmolderingheap


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