Peace, Love and Kill all the Muslims (the sad crazy mixed up world view of many American Christians)

The following was written in reply to a dear friends explanation to his sister, who had heard the Quran was evil and the root for why ALL Muslims were evil. He pointed out that the Quran is basically a rewriting of the Bible.

I have read the Quran, and have to say i was disappointed to find some of the worst of the Old Testament intact in it, especially the criminally insane part about taking your child up on a mountain to kill him…. yes, the Quran is basically the preacher’s notes on the bible, as he (the Prophet) felt god/Allah was revealing His truth to him.

I find people are good or evil, independent of their faith. either using it as an excuse to promote ignorance and hate or to share love and kindness. I can tell you, the latter does more to promote an understanding of “your God” than any of the first.

When we were all at God’s Bible School (1810 Young St Cincinnati OH), back in the late 1970s, my brother and i worked for while at a Gulf gas station at Reading and Mellish. There was a car load of Black Muslims that came by selling fried chicken dinners as part of their fundraising. it seems like we might have ordered a plate or two along the way, but usually, we were too broke to buy a 3-4 dollar plate, yet they would always stop and be kind to us, in fact, looking back, i think of all the native Cincinnatians we met, they were the nicest, most decent folk of the bunch.

Later in life, when Muslim became equated with “Crazy Evil Bastards” in America, i could never buy into that, because i knew some Muslims, who befriended a couple of white boys who were vigorously Christian. They didnt hate on us, they didnt condemn our faith, they certainly were not interested in killing us. As black folks, and especially as Black Muslims, they were certainly on the receiving end of a lot of crap in the VERY racist town of Cincinnati (I LOVE Cincin, but i am white guy), and yet, they showed love and compassion. They nor any Muslim will never convert me, because i am an atheist, but when i hear anti Muslim crap, I will always stand against it. (even when it is by someone like Bill Maher, who I generally like, but will boycott from now on, due to his bigotry)

Crazy jihadist Muslims run the gamut from between Holiness folks of my youth and the Westboro Baptists, but to say that the jihadists are what Muslim is, to say the religion is evil because of the teachings of the Quran is to say only folks nuttier than the bigoted Holiness folks we grew up with are Christian, and that Christians are evil because of the teachings of the Bible!!!!as the new agers who are trying to be Buddhist say, “Namaste” ( the crazy mixed up good person of some faith or no faith, in me, greets the crazy mixed up good person of some faith or no faith in you!)

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