Are Democrats Smarter than Republicans?

?You know, I have seen stories (mostly in the liberal mainstream media) about how conservatives don’t just act dumber, they really score lower than liberals. I have seen some folks extrapolate that this explains why these low information (and low intelligence) voters vote against their self interests.

As a liberal, I felt pretty good about this, and extended my sympathy to these less fortunate creatures known as conservatives. The problem they say with being really stupid is that you aren’t smart enough to know how stupid you are. It turns out that isn’t my problem. I AM smart enough to see how stupid we liberals are.

In their lifetime, a true blue conservative between 70- 120 times, the average liberal will vote about 20 times. First of all, you might wonder if that is even fair. How come conservatives get to vote so many more times? If they get to vote, why cant liberals get to vote just as often? Is this a classic case of voter suppression? In a manner of speaking, yes.

Your typical liberal votes for president every four years from age 24 – 84. Sometimes they might vote for a governor in an off year, sometimes, but rarely, they might vote in a primary, but generally, they are going to vote for whoever the party puts forward, so why bother. maybe some elections they don’t vote, but it doesn’t matter, Florida 2000 not withstanding, one vote doesnt count. Sometimes they also get to vote for a senator or a congressman once every four years, and even on those off year elections when the governorship is up for grabs, so over 60 years, they vote 20 times, right?

How does the Tea Party conservative get to vote so often? He, (and he is more often a he, and white, and somewhat above the median age and income) votes in EVERY primary, votes for governor, votes for congress and the senate, primary and general, and most importantly, votes for the STATE house and senate, and the county commission, the school board, the mayor, the city selectmen, sheriff and whatever other office is on ANY ballot! Because he knows voting matters, he knows that a state congressman is not only filling the pipeline for the next senator or governor and someday may be on the national ticket, but is going to write the local tax code, the local morality laws, the state education policies, and the state senate is going to DRAW the MAPS. What MAPS? You know, the maps that determine if your vote is going to count or not when it comes to who controls the US house and senate.

So now, who is it the votes (or more importantly, chooses not to vote) against their self interest? who is the low intelligence person, who decides that voting is a headache (often because you work for a Tea Party jerk who makes it hard for you to vote)?

So next time you run across those figures that show how much smarter we liberals are, ignore them, and look at who is in charge of both branches of the legislature, most governorships, and the majority of state houses, upper and lower… and remember, they are the 1%, at best the 5%. But they are 10 times smarter than us. How can I say that? because they vote EVERY TIME, and they win a lot of the time. I know, some liberals vote every time, too. But all too often, they think voting once every four years is all it takes.