Micro Capitalism Part 2

dolars part 2

The net wealth of the USA is approximately $120,000,000,000,000.
There are a little over 300,000,000 people living in America. If the wealth was divided equally, that is $400,000 for every man woman and child in this country!!!

I am not advocating for an equal division, as various people contribute at different levels to the creation of wealth, but when many millions of hard working Americans have a net worth of essentially ZERO, and a million are worth Millions and about 500 people are worth over a billion dollars, I think it is time for the 90% of us who are worth less than that median $400,000 to band together, to make the wealthiest invest in America, starting, not with the middle class, but with the poorest of the poor, and then the middle class.

There is nothing to say if the wealthiest 10% had to invest an additional 10% of their Wealth, not Income, and the top 1% had to invest 20% of their wealth in building opportunities for the poor to become healthy, educated and to fund their ability to create wealth in an equitable way we would not all not only be better off, but so would the top 1% and 10%!

(Why not say if a man earns a company $100,000 profit, he should receive about 1/2 that wealth creation, or if he earns the company $500,000, 1/2 of that? If you consider a fast food employee who makes $8.00 per hour while generating approximately $48,000 in net profit (less his $12,000 per year wages for about 1500 hrs), if he was paid half the profit he earned, he would make just over $15.00 per hr, and if he was allowed to work full time (the current system of using mostly part time help is to avoid giving them the same level of benefits they give mgrs.) he would make the company $65,000 and make $32,500. And the funn y thing is, if it was “his company” he would probably think of other ways to improve the bottom line, making him and the owner both more money!

That is pretty close to lower middle class, especially if you have two wage earners at that level…… the owner gets a very motivated “partner” instead of an employee who dreams of finding a “real job” night and day. Better customer service, less waste, and an ambassador for the business, on duty and off! In the end, the owner gets more bac than he put in. Why are the wealthy so blind? well, most rich people are almost as stupid as they are greedy!


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