Believe It or Not! (My Halloween Ghost Story)

 I am less skeptical of ghost stories now that I had seen my own ghost.

In 1995, my then wife left me and I moved out of the house so she could move back in. I rented a house about 3 miles from our home from a friend of ours. I was working a day job and then spending about 100 hrs per month publishing a literary paper, called variously Scene – Arts of the Treasure Coast, Art Scene, and Abundance – A Harvest of Life, Art and Literature. One night, about midnight, I was working towards a deadline of 6 am to put the paper to bed and take it to the printers. I had been up nearly 20 hrs, so I was exhausted. I looked up towards the ceiling and saw a clothesline whirling across the room. As I contemplated what this meant, I looked up and saw a young man standing in my doorway.

While both the clothesline and the boy were clearly visible, both were also clearly ghosts, translucent. I spoke to the boy, but I neither received a reply, nor did I get any sense that he heard me. Eventually he wasnt there and I got up and went to bed. Over the next few days I heard whistling of oldtimey music, Stephen Fosterish type. I went outside and there was never anyone outside, there was no one inside.

I called my landlord and asked her if anyone had ever died in the house. She said no and wanted to know why i asked. When I told her my story, she said she had never seen anyone, but her daughter who was a young teenager when they lived there had reported seeing a boy. I had found several shiny items of no value, costume jewelry, shiny pennies, and shineys washers nuts and bolts all under the edge of a carpet in the closet. I asked her about that. She said they had never been able to find the items, but had noticed that shiny things had a tendency to disappear. A few months later my ex wife got married and moved a hundred miles away and I moved back home.

I never saw the ghost after moving out of the rental house. Did I see a ghost? Yes. Was it really there? I will never know.