Trade In your Wall for a Welcome Mat!


According to the data collected and extracted from the US Census, we are moving towards 420 million in US population by the year 2060. While I have less interest in 2060 than a lot of folks alive today, as I would be 101 in 2060, I am concerned about our collective future. We will add another 100 million Americans. It is interesting to see we will add 65 million of them through foreign born children and 35 million native born (obviously we will add more of each, but plenty of old people will die off, so the net is 65/35).

Census information can be found here:

Of interest to some people, 2060 is also about the time that white non-Hispanics began to make up a little less than half the population. They will still be, by far, the largest minority.

While others propose we “build a wall” to stave off this change for as long as possible, I see it very differently. America has never been about white people, it has always, even 25,000 years ago, been about immigrants. For most of the last 300 years, most of the immigrants were white Europeans, and somewhere these immigrants decided they WERE America. They are not. They never will be.

The sooner we grasp that whatever exceptional qualities there are about America, it comes from new people, not white people, the sooner we can get on to making America a lasting power.

I firmly believe we need not only to tear down our walls and fences and lay out welcome mats. We need to offer education and healthcare, without cost to the user to every American citizen and to make the path to citizenry as easy and open as possible.

If, by 2060, America included 100 million more natives of the Americas as well as 50 million Chinese, 50 million Indians, 50 million Africans and 50 million people from the Middle East so that we had an incredible diverse brilliant healthy 600 million people all creating wealth and intelligence and pathways to every culture on the planet.

There is a risk that such a welcoming effort would create a brain drain on these regions, but I think the bridges built would be a two-way street. There are also risks that we would become a de facto one world government, but the truth is we are already that in many ways, except we are currently are a one-world colonial power. This sort of “new world order” would at least be the result of massive cultural connections and should make us a more representative “leader of the free world.”

The third risk is that we will have too much of a culture clash between all the groups. This is clearly a challenge that requires intelligent thought on all sides, but today the Muslim, the Mexican, the Hindu, the Russian, the Jew and the Chinese, the Catholic and the atheist, all already live side by side in harmony if they choose to. Education and respect is the key, and with large and diverse minority populations, intolerance will not be tolerated. (Yes, I get the irony)

This was the secret of the British Empire’s success. Of course the key to the failure of the B.E. was the Empire part. No matter if we stay a smaller more homogenous country or go to this super country as I envision, we will have to discourage our own empire tendencies. Empire, through war or wealth have proven, throughout history to be a quick way to power, but eventually all collapse. Self-determination and healthy partnerships lead to the greatest and broadest well-being of a nation and the globe.

Why Not Bernie?

I just read one of many pro Bernie pieces I have seen recently. This one is the Huffington Post piece by H. A. Goodman. He dwells on the possibility of Bernie in an almost Dickinsonian trance.

Bernie Blowing in the Wind

Bernie is NOT a “once in a lifetime candidate” we have had “dream candidates” before. Bernie, like those before him articulate a progressive vision with little or no path to how to move mainstream Americans to where many of us want to go. Until we get 60%+ of America on board (currently we have about 30%) we cannot move the way he proposes. As maddening as it can be, the Obama/Hillary method of incrementalism is the only path. This method has given us Gay Rights and the ACA, and peace with Iran and many other good things, including a massive investment in green energy and green technology. None of these programs are perfect, but they are all great accomplishments we would not have with either a GOP president nor a Bernie president.

Of course with the GOP we wouldnt have them because they are evil bastards who want to give everything to the 1% and nothing to the 90% that create the wealth which ends up in the pockets of the 1%, and not with Bernie, because he would raise a crowd with torches and pitchforks and demand 100% of  the organic whole grain loaf, and instead, the GOP would rise up and we would have a war that makes the last 7 years look like a love fest.

No, 8 years from now we will not be living in a progressive utopia, under Hillary, OR ANYBODY ELSE! But with Hillary, we would have made made a ways down the progressive path. If Bernie can somehow realize he needs to expand his message to incorporate the needs of those who might not be white educated males,and at the same time expand his horizon to include the world and not just White America, he might be able to both overtake Hillary and become a decent president. He is certainly in the right place when it comes  to domestic economics, but until then, Hillary is the only reasonable choice, and she is a damn good one!