Why Not Bernie?

I just read one of many pro Bernie pieces I have seen recently. This one is the Huffington Post piece by H. A. Goodman. He dwells on the possibility of Bernie in an almost Dickinsonian trance.

Bernie Blowing in the Wind

Bernie is NOT a “once in a lifetime candidate” we have had “dream candidates” before. Bernie, like those before him articulate a progressive vision with little or no path to how to move mainstream Americans to where many of us want to go. Until we get 60%+ of America on board (currently we have about 30%) we cannot move the way he proposes. As maddening as it can be, the Obama/Hillary method of incrementalism is the only path. This method has given us Gay Rights and the ACA, and peace with Iran and many other good things, including a massive investment in green energy and green technology. None of these programs are perfect, but they are all great accomplishments we would not have with either a GOP president nor a Bernie president.

Of course with the GOP we wouldnt have them because they are evil bastards who want to give everything to the 1% and nothing to the 90% that create the wealth which ends up in the pockets of the 1%, and not with Bernie, because he would raise a crowd with torches and pitchforks and demand 100% of  the organic whole grain loaf, and instead, the GOP would rise up and we would have a war that makes the last 7 years look like a love fest.

No, 8 years from now we will not be living in a progressive utopia, under Hillary, OR ANYBODY ELSE! But with Hillary, we would have made made a ways down the progressive path. If Bernie can somehow realize he needs to expand his message to incorporate the needs of those who might not be white educated males,and at the same time expand his horizon to include the world and not just White America, he might be able to both overtake Hillary and become a decent president. He is certainly in the right place when it comes  to domestic economics, but until then, Hillary is the only reasonable choice, and she is a damn good one!



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