Bernie and the Birds

Jesus  Bird


On and on and so it goes…

“Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone”

Everywhere I turn, I see some Bernieite  posting how  Bernie cant get any media attention, how nearly 1/2 of the Democratic Party supports Bernie and are angry at the media. Bernie gets a bird to land on his  hand, the skies part and Jesus sends down a dove and rainbow and frigging ark, and yet….

Social Media is the only media that counts, anymore, and nobody, not even Trump gets more coverage on social media. and by the way, nearly 1/2 of the Democratic Party does not support Bernie. Bernie supporters are beginning to sound like Christians telling us how much they are being persecuted, or Tea Party types blaming everything on the “liberal media.” Get over it! Quit whining, you have won the media war, now, get off your butt and tell us the positives of Bernieism.

Nobody cares how much you hate Hillary, or Cruz, or Trump or Obama, or Bill or Al Gore.

Spend your time on my thread telling me about Bernie’s  plan for social justice for black and brown folks, tell me how he is going to come up with  a  get past congress a plan to open the southern border to people who want to build the American Dream, while keeping us safe, tell his plan for getting the guns off the streets, Tell me how  he will deal with China, with Europe, with ISIS, with Israel and Palestine.

Give me a Bernie vision bigger than universal no cost healthcare  and college (I like those)

Tell me how he is going to get congress to raise taxes on the rich and raise the minimum wage. What are his PLANS??????

Give us your positive message, you have the floor, use it.



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