Trump, a Man, a Plan

I have friends who fear Trump, because he is evil. I have friends who think he will start death camps. While I cannot reassure them he will not do the most evil things they can imagine, I am reasonably sure he is not interested in deporting 12 million undocumented Americans, he is not interested in banning abortions, in requiring guns in schools, nor do I think he cares about bathroom bills and “kill the Gays” legislation. I do not think he wants to “drill, baby, drill, or start a war with China, or give Russia half of Europe.

From what I can gather, Trump is a common criminal, a completely amoral person. It seems to me he has one goal. He wants to run the world’s largest, most profitable criminal enterprise. I expect to see a level of corruption, outright theft and questionable contracts to cronies in the 100s of billions of dollars. I don’t know if he can break the bank, but I am confident he will try.

As much as I hate for him to steal money, first from the taxpayers, and secondly from those least able to pay it, those on support from government programs, for I am sure he will make sure contracts are awarded to crooks who will steal food from babies and medicines from grandma, not to mention supplying substandard materials to our military, our infrastructure and so on, that is not my main concern, though it is a huge issue. The biggest problem I foresee is the bargain.

He will make a bargain with Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and all the other evil bastards who really WANT to harm women, children, the elderly, the poor, working or otherwise, Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, LGBTQs, liberals, atheists and others I am not remembering at the moment. They really do want to destroy science and the environment, they want to destroy the federal govt. so here is the bargain. Trump will not bring back jobs. He will not balance the budget, at least not in a rational manner.

He will let bigots carry out violent attacks and even murder without fear of prosecution, on blacks, gays, Muslims, and Hispanics, and people who look like any of the above. He will not stand against extreme pro-gun, pro-death penalty, anti science, anti freedom laws, he will sign whatever the tea party sends him, there will be no brakes applied. In return, he will be able to rob the treasury without fear of as much as a peep out of congress. He will not stop voter suppression, no matter how egregious. He will appoint the most rightwing judges with one condition, they agree to never come looking for him. They will be the lowest of the low, the judges who are not bribed later, but who are bought before they take the oath.

He could be done in 4 years, god knows he will not only have enough money, but will have long term ongoing contracts that will continue to pay him billions beyond his natural life. But the thing about people like Trump, maybe about like most of us, if we are ever given the chance, he doesn’t want enough, he wants all he can get. Maybe he stays for 8 years. Maybe he steals a trillion dollars.

We can eventually recover the treasure, not from him, but through the hard work from the taxpayers. What of the ash heap of a country his corrupt partners have created? Undocumented means underground, gay means in the closet, black means terrorized at will. Immigration will fall and there will be a drop in population. We will become a corrupt backwater country like Russia. How long does it take, 10 years a generation, a lifetime, never? And what of the environment? Will it be forever destroyed?

That is the Trump I fear. The Trump who doesn’t care what the bad people in the GOP do, as long as he can steal with impuity.


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