Thoughts on a Strong Society with Strong Core Values

Here in Florida, we have an educational system called Character Counts, and I see a connection on LinkedIn has posted a piece on “common values and a code for inclusive citizenship.”

While it is possible that the people behind his group, and even some of the people behind the Florida system have good intentions, though in both cases I have reasons to be suspicious, any system that aims to teach our children what our core values are so they may be inclusive citizens, seems more like brainwashing and indoctrination. If one is interested in creating a more inclusive society, that truly represents the core values of our citizens, it seems to me we need to turn these programs on their heads.

Let’s invite the children, and their families, to bring their diversity of beliefs and principles to us, to enlarge the teachings of the classroom and the rest of the community to embrace those whose values may differ from ours, lets embrace them as having equal validity as our own, though we may choose to not incorporate them all into our own values, nor should we expect others to incorporate ours into their beliefs.

My “Horror story”

Somehow, I ended up on the mailing list of

Today, they were kind enough to invite me to share my Obamacare “horror story,” so I did. Please feel free to share yours, too!

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In 1994 I left a job at Pepsi Cola to work in a small family business, in the process, I lost my company subsidized health coverage. I was only 34 and very healthy, and I didn’t really need health insurance. over the next 15 years I developed high blood pressure, diabetes, and had a melanoma removed from my nose. Even though my income had risen, because I now had three pre-existing conditions, I could not get health insurance on the private market. Then, after nearly 20 years without health coverage, I got a job with a medium size company, and again, I had health insurance. Then the next year, when more provisions of Obamacare begin to take effect, our company insurance provider added more benefits and lowered our premiums so we wouldn’t leave and buy insurance on the Obamacare marketplace. Then, last year, I got laid off and was able to pick up a pretty good policy for about $100.00 per month. Twenty years ago, when i had NO pre-existing conditions, a comparable policy cost $260.00!

So the only horror story I have is that the President of the United States and the GOP leadership in Congress are trying to destroy the best thing that has ever happened to the American healthcare system. Is Obamacare perfect? No, a perfect system would be a universal single payer system, but until then, please do not repeal the only thing that has saved my life the past 3 years.