Whining Managers and CEOs to Blame

I have to say, I am so disappointed to see over and over CEOs to managers whining about everything regarding the quality of labor , while completely failing to realize, a failure of labor is ALWAYS an failure of management. On the rare occasion I see a leader who gets this, I see a vibrant growing company full of people who look forward to coming to work and who hate to leave. “When ownership treats the employees like owners, there is no limit to the growth a company can achieve.”

“an Attack Against One of Us…”

House Speaker, Paul Ryan, speaking of the shooting of a fellow representative: “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us!” I like that sentiment, as long as the “one” isnt simply congresspersons.

I feel the need to remind him that 30,000 Americans every year are killed with a gun, thats not one, that about 5-6 times more Americans that died in all of the Afghan-Iraqi wars, its half as many as died and have their names on that black wall and half as many who died in the forgotten Korean War.

So Congressman Ryan, if you really mean we, as Americans stand together against that which attacks any of us, lets work together to come up with some realistic gun safety regulations. Rules that will not prevent a law abiding citizen from acquiring and keeping a gun, if he or she wants one. simply make sure the person who wishes to by a gun pass a mental health test, a weapons proficiency test, and carries a million dollar general liability policy to cover intentional and unintentional acts of violence in which their gun is used. These measures would not be an impediment to the 99% of gun owners who are responsible, but its that tiny fraction of the 120,000,000 gun owners, just as it is a tiny tiny fraction of the 1.6 billion Muslims who mean us harm.

In both cases, Muslims or (mostly) white male Christian gun owners, lets take an attitude of what is the most effective against a few thousand bad actors, without draconian measures that harm the 99.9% of both who cause no harm. Currently, we have policies that are probably too onerous, regarding Muslims, and not reasonably discriminating enough about who should walk down our streets with a gun.

Lets not focus on how we might be more fair to Muslims, at the moment, and just make sure that a mass shooting in California the 156th of 2017 isnt so common that it gets lost in the background of your colleague’s shooting.

So, yes, I agree, an attack on any American is an Attack on all of us, be it cops shooting down unarmed Americans, be it a sadly self hating Muslim who in a veil of guilt kills 49 of his fellow gays, or some sicko who thinks he is furthering a left wing political agenda by shooting a congressman he disagrees with, the common thread is the gun, not the ideology. And while its true that guns dont kill people, their easy access means a crazy American is likely to kill more people than a crazy people in another place where guns are more reasonably regulated.

So, please, Speaker Ryan, stand with the American people today, stand against the merchants of death at the NRA . Lets not ban guns, but lets be reasonable about their access and their use.