Our Favorite TV Shows Aren’t on TV

A few years ago, when our cable bill had crept back to nearly $200 again, we cut the cord, and went Internet TV only. Now we pay the same $55 we were paying for Comcast internet (only supplier in our area). We have Roku($129, one time purchase), and Amazon Prime($79.00 annually), Netflix ($7.99 monthly), Hulu ($13.57 monthly), Acorn($4.99 monthly), and MHz ($7.99 monthly)

(it seems as though you can now sign up for a $99 annual package with Amazon and get the NetFlix for Free!)

So our current outlay for the best TV we have ever had is: $34.54, plus whatever you pay for your basic internet service, we pay $55.00. plus a one time $129, let depreciate that over 2 years, as they will likely have an upgrade we will want by then, so $5.38 per month.  and $79 divided by 12, or $6.58

or $47.50 per month, plus our internet service, as opposed to about $180 plus the same basic internet we had “regular TV” and we could watch a lot less quality TV.

We are not big fans of TV news and neither of us care about Sports, though I don’t mind if I catch an Auburn Game or two, and I do like the Derby, but I don’t really miss either and I can watch them on line somehow anyway, if I really care.

This list was originally composed when we first started watching internet TV, primarily Netflix, Hula, Amazon. Later we added Acorn, and very recently MHz. We added MHz because of an interesting promo for its original series about Paris. That show really sucks, but there is a whole section on Scandinavian crime drama, we are currently mining that.

For our tastes, this, and Luther, are the two best shows on TV, though plenty of other good ones.

Line of Dutry


Rebus (We tired of it before it ended)

Lewis (family)




Scott & Bailey

Blue Murder

Body Farm

Peaky Blinders



Good Cop

By Any Means

River (We Suzanne tired of it before it ended)

MI 5 (family)

Waking the Dead (family) (We tired of it before it ended)

The Worricker Trilogy


Single Handed

Wire in the Blood (We tired of it before it ended)

Secret State

White Chapel (We tired of it before it ended)

Chasing Shadows

The Fall

Parade End

The Paradise (We tired of it before it ended)

Bletchley Circle

Clean Break*

Field of Blood


DCI Banks



So what have we missed? I am thinking there are a couple I cant remember. We loved all but the “family” shows. Those were watched because C could watch then with us, though he watched Vera, too, but we ALL love Vera!!!

And no, we couldn’t bear Morse, even though Lewis came from it.


Updates: (some of these are foreign language, and are marked with an F. We resisted for a long time, but now quite enjoy them)



The Crown (a bit too Downton Abbey for me, but not bad)

The Politicians Wife

Black Mirror (hit and miss)


Hotel Beau Séjour F

Spiral F

Braquo F

Maria Wern F

Hamilton F (tired of it, but still better than average American fare)

Irene Russ F (I liked it, but my wife insists only because I like the lead character, like she didn’t enjoy the lead in Luther?)




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