“Walk on by”

Had an interesting experience today on Twitter. #noneofmybusinessland

I saw a tweet I liked, clicked on it, then on the poster’s profile. on the profile was another interesting tweet by someone else, so I followed it to that person’s profile, so now I am getting pretty far from my own twitter feed, well into “noneofmybusinessland.”

This person posted this instruction to would be followers: “Dont follow me if you have a BF, or unless you are ready to cheat! I was pretty shocked, and then I looked at couple of this guy’s posts and he is going on about some girl who didnt think he would be “faithful” and how she should give him a chance. Then one about how “hoes had f’cked him up” and he was going to focus on “hoops instead of hoes.” My fingers flew into a rage telling him what a jerk he was, then I thought about what I tell so many “LinkedIn Neighborhood Watchmen.” If you dont like it, scroll on by. I thought about how I ended up where i was, and how I had no right to advise this complete stranger. if they want to be a jerk, its their life.

So I didnt post. I hope he grows up and learns to respect women, but until I master my own life, I think I can let him slide.

It actually felt good to not be a condescending butthead:)

Full disclosure: I am still a condescending butthead, but I am at least working on it:)




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