It’s Time to Repeal Obamacare!!!!

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Single payer would save us all money and offer better care. only problem, a bunch of corrupt millionaires wouldn’t get their cut, and if they don’t get their cut, they cant afford to pay congress to keep voting in a way that harms the american people. the idea that we could save about a Trillion dollars PER YEAR, and offer EVERY American decent healthcare, so they can be as productive as possible, and so their medical care is not a reason to not hire them is a no-brainer. It would also be painfully simple, we declare tomorrow “Medicare for all” we hire as many of the clerical workers as we need from the bloodsucking insurance companies to process the paperwork. done. yes, there would be a fee which we might subsidize for the very poor, (we could eliminate the redundancy of medicare, medicaid and the VA system) and let everyone else pay, maybe exempt VA, as well as the very poor, and maybe wrap the subsidy into a republican idea where if the poor person doesn’t use any medical services, we rebate them a check at the end of the year for the $109 per month, or say an even $1000 per person whose family income is below the poverty line and doesn’t need any medical services. Save a TRILLION dollars per year! Cover EVERYBODY! LOWER the burden on businesses and separate the cost of hiring an employee from any health related costs! Why not? because if you do, certain parasites will lose the ability to profit off of illness…

I am aware that there are people who insist our system costs so much and leaves so many people behind because that is the price for having the best system in the world. And while we do have excellent care for extremely rich people, 90% of all Americans cannot be considered anything but middle class or lower, meaning the poor support a system for a very rich people. Therefore, I am including some stats from the most recent reports on actual healthcare costs and out comes for the wealthiest and most economically developed countries. It turns out that Americans are paying about double the average cost, and have about a 40% higher infant mortality rate and we die about 2 years earlier than the average developed country, so if we were to adopt ANY of the other systems in these other countries, we would save about $5000 per man woman and child in America, we would have 100% coverage, and we would live longer and be more likely to survive childbirth. It is hard to understand why anyone is still arguing that Single-Payer would cost us more, when it obviously would not.

OEDC HealthOEDC Life ExpectancyOEDC Live Births


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