Every morning Facebook ask me what’s on my mind? Today I decided to answer

Jim Crowe that’s what’s on my mind Jim Crowe I’m wondering how long America is going to put up with this return to Jim Crowe, this harassment, this attack, this assault on people of color in the defense of white people. I, for one, a middle-aged white male don’t need their goddamn protection. I can promise you 80% of all the work I’ve ever gotten, I had a lot better shot at it because I was a white male.
they can do all the affirmative-action they want and it still won’t be an even playing field.
this attack on people of color is disgusting its unAmerican and Christian. It’s the attack of really small minded people. God I hate these people, or some might say, “fuck white people!”
I don’t mean every white person is a bad person.
I mean the culture of white people is a bad rotten fake culture design to profit from the miss fortune of the oppression of people of color.I’m sick of it!9AC367CC-1F94-4860-8844-80A0FC16C884-5721-00000C5044902CED


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