If you don’t know that pi is 3.141592, and if you don’t know how to use it in this formula and then know what you are achieving when you run a number thru the formula, does that make you stupid?
Formula: V=4/3 pi r3
The answer is no you are not stupid. If you can’t multiply 1234 x 567 and then divide by 89 to get the correct answer, working only in your head, no paper, no calculator, excel spreadsheet. If you don’t know the answer with great confidence 5 positions past the decimal, that means you don’t do math in your head for a hobby, but you might be pretty smart.
Now, if you see someone who writes something and their spelling, or grammar or some aspect of their word choice amuses you, that’s fine, but before you start thinking you are smarter than them, that they must be idiots, please review the preceding few words regarding mathematics.
Unless you are an idiot because you not only didn’t recognize the formula that starts with “V” you don’t know how to use it and you have no idea what V nor r, nor even pi is, then someone who writes something down in a nonstandard format is not automatically an idiot either!


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