We are live, Better Than Starbucks February 2018 Vol III No II

we are live feb 2018

This month in Better Than Starbucks (not your ordinary poetry magazine):
The Interview – with Jared Carter by Vera Ignatowitsch
7 New Poems by Jared Carter
3 Timeless Poems by Jared Carter
Featured Poem – I can lie and tell you i care- by Sydney Szwarc
Free Verse with Suzanne Robinson featuring Sergio A. Ortiz, Marc Carver, Hope Madden, Jaunita Cox, Phil Capitano, Larry D. Giles, and Neil Creighton.
Haiku with Kevin McLaughlin featuring Afriku with Kayode Afolabi and Adjei Agyfi-Baah, and haiku by Veerangana, Bob Whitmire, Jen Smith, Zachary Outzen, Dr. Sandip Saha, Vera Ignatowitsch, Honorah Murphy, Angie Davidson, and Joseph Davidson.
Formal & Rhyming Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Richard Wakelfield, John Beaton, Kathryn Jacobs, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Michael Burch, Peter C. Venable, Elizabeth Faris, and Paul Willis.
Poetry Translations with S. Ye Laird featuring Yun Wang, Ranald Barnicot, David B. Gosselin, and Joseph Tusiani.
International Poetry:
African Poetry with Tendai Rinos Mwanaka featuring Maryam Gatawa, Toyota M. Safari, and Thato Tshukudu.
Asian Poetry with Rameeza Nasim featuring Yuan Changming, Yanna, Kazi Nabeel, and Prasang Agarwal.
Experimental Poetry featuring Dennis Aguinaldo, Martin Porter, and Jon Nakapalau.
Sentimental Poetry featuring Matthew Pollock, Marjon van Bruggen, Joseph Anthony Samoles, and David B. Gosselin.
Fiction: Crap Apples by Sarah Cimarusti
More Fiction: THE SPOTLIGHT by Michael Giorgio
Better Than Fiction: Does my Child Have a Right to Live? by Matt Hughes
From The Mind: of Anthony Uplandpoet Watkins, our editor in chief and publisher