How to really make your vote count

Sometimes a single vote matters, an important race comes down to a coin toss, but most of the time the fix is in and it feels like the fix is in, long before the first vote is cast. Because of this, sometimes less motivated voters or people who have never registered to vote will say “my vote doesn’t matter.”

They say, “I live in a blue state”, or “I live in a red state” though in the last two years we have seen “blue states” vote for Trump and we have seen some of the “reddest” states and districts vote “blue.”

Now, I am one of those rare white males who thought Hillary was a great choice, and about 30% of America really liked Trump, but for a lot of people, the idea that it was Hillary or Trump really made them feel powerless. Some wanted Bernie, some wanted someone else, or almost anyone else.

I am here to tell you how you personally, if you are reading this, you can make a major difference in the 2018 midterms, and you might cast the deciding vote for the next American president in 2020.

Yes, YOU!

Not all the liberals, or all the conservatives, banded together but you, and you alone might be


Here is how:

While there are 300+ million Americans, and while about 200+ million of them are eligible to vote, the candidates are self-selected, they choose to run, and then we thin them out in the primaries, and then the two nominees go head-to-head, right? Well sorta….

There are 3,142 counties or equivalents in the USA, these are the organizing cells of the parties. Each county sends two representatives to the state party, these, at least in Florida are called state committee women and men, one male, one female from each county. There are also a party chair and vice chair, again male and female, required by the bylaws, so if your chair is male, your vice chair is female, and vice versa, and so there are two slots to represent the county at the state level, though at the one party I was closely involved with long enough to be elected to go to state, the committeepersons were the only people who went and voted, if I remember correctly, though we closely consulted with the chair and vice chair on all matters, so at most you have about 12,500 people in each party, these are the people who select the state members of the DNC (as well as a similar number in the RNC, though it is slightly different and somewhat more restricted.) so less than 25,000 completely control the entire political process in America. If you want to make sure the person you want to run for office both runs and is elected, you need to be one of those 25,000.

The good news is how very easy and simple this is to accomplish. Tomorrow, you call or show up at your local party office, either one, I prefer the Dems, but if you are a Republican, go, too. You do not say, “I’m here to take over your party.” You say, “I’m here to help. What can I do?” you canvass, you make phone calls, you enter data, you put up signs, you go to meetings where the things you do are planned. You volunteer for anything and you volunteer for leadership responsibilities. If you promise to show up, show up, you attend every meeting, or at least 11 out of 12.

Within a year, you will be asked to be in charge of one of more activities, to be on one or more committees, if you work without complaint for approx. 3-5 hours per month, maybe 10, at the heat of election cycles, you can stand for election to the state, and you will likely win. Now you will vote on some of the 446 people who control the party. Now understand, these 446 people are very powerful in their own right, but they elect the 5-10 people who control the party.

So now, it’s the fall, you have done good work all summer and fall, about September, or sooner if there is a deadline, you ask the party chair, who is your good buddy now, because you are making their life much easier, if you can run for a party position.

Spring 2019, you are an active member of the state party, you work as hard if not harder there than you did at the county level, maybe you coordinate a special election of some off year election in your district in the fall, maybe you do well, maybe you ask your state party chair if you can stand for the DNC, maybe you win.

There are 446 members of the DNC. You are one of them, between you and the 445 members you decide platforms, you decide which races get extra funding and extra volunteers, you even decide which candidate to encourage or discourage a primary race against, you get to lobby possible candidates for all offices, from president to local dogcatcher to either run or to sit it out.  When the 10-15 national candidates declare for president, you will call them and encourage them or explain why you think they shouldn’t run. If none of the 15 are your favorites, you call Joe Schmo from the 7th district in Tennessee and tell him why he should run. You politic to other members of the 446 to also recruit him, you get them to agree to smooth his path with money and help. He runs, you can put your finger on the scale as much as possible to get this guy elected, it is what you are SUPPOSED to do in party politics. You do not control the other party’s candidate, but who cares, you have the best possible candidate in the country running, and probably winning the nomination, your guy, your vote, you win. Instead of holding your nose and picking the lesser of two evils, you got to pick THE GUY (or gal). Your vote decided the election.

So, next time you think, or hear someone else say, “my vote doesn’t count, they are all the same, they are all crooks, and the fix is in already, anyway,”remember this, maybe your vote will count, maybe it won’t, you should vote, just in case so you don’t get Senator Coin Toss, but, if you really want to be the guy/gal who casts the deciding vote for president, now you know how!