When I was growing up, conservative meant two related things.

A conservative person wasn’t cheap, they weren’t selfish, what they were was very careful with their money. They might buy a Mercedes or Volvo instead of a Pinto, because they were persuaded of the value of quality and durability, and probably safety, too. They did not buy designer bags to show off the labels. Generally, they drove Buicks and Oldsmobiles, keeping the same car for several years. They lived in moderate well-built houses and took interesting trips, staying in safe clean but inexpensive lodging.


  • They were slow to adapt to new ideas, be they radical rightwing or leftwing ideas. Today, we might call them principled moderates. If you had a calm rational discussion with them, and had valid points and good documentation, they might at least consider what you have to say. They were not opposed to knew and better ideas, but they remained skeptical until there was solid proof the new idea was right. Sometimes they were wrong, sometimes they held onto gender and race and religion in ways that most of us today find a bit backwards, but they tended to come around, only a bit slower than the trend setting “liberal minded” sort.


  • Today, Conservative, does not mean this at all. In most cases, conservatives today, look at items that do not support America as it was in 1950 as bad, even if they are well documented, long tested and rigorously evaluated by experts. These “new things and new ideas” are, by their very nature, seen as wrong, and evil and destructive to some moral order.


  • When science determined that homosexuality was not a mental illness, when the science proves that man’s careless actions are greatly contributing to global climate change. When science proves that race is not a scientific concept, when study after study, looking at the history of our own country, shows that immigrants bring, in the net, a huge positive, even the “poor tired masses teeming to be free, as well as the doctors and lawyers and engineers who bring so much to our economy and well-being. These are facts, and conservative used to be persuaded by facts. Today’s conservatives attack facts, attack science, attack historical records. These people are not conservatives. They are what my conservative Aunts and Uncles would have called “fools.”


  • Yet, it us, the rest of us who are fools. We treat these people as if they are just of an alternative point of view. They are not. It isn’t that they are just waiting on the facts. They actively seek to bury the facts and destroy those who would unearth them. They are the brave defenders, not only of ignorance, but of pure stupidity. We can no longer treat these people as if they were rational people who, like Missouri’s folks were so famously tagged “Show me” people. These are the people who threaten to kill you if you “show them.”


  • Today’s Conservative is engaged in an activity designed to destroy the long-term viability of the human race. They are NOT harmless. They are a clear and present danger to not only liberals, but to the entire planet. It is time we dealt with this terror as all terrorism should be dealt with, swiftly and stiffly!

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