Dear Tom Perez, DNC, DCCC

Dear Tom Perez, DNC, DCCC,
and other entities within the Democratic National Party. In the year 2000, I got involved with the party to try to stop George W Bush, I have stayed involved and I have encouraged everyone I know to do likewise. When I meet people who are concerned abut the party being too centrist, I say, “join the party, volunteer your way to the top.”

When people got upset because the DNC laid a heavy thumb on the scale, I said, hey, its their party, if you want Bernie or anyone else, you should be on the inside, pushing a progressive agenda, and a progressive slate of candidates. I still believe the best way to fix the party is to get in the tent and work your way up.


The heavy-handed way you re getting involved at the primary level reminds me of nothing so much as the way the GOP runs a top down party. If you believe in the Democracy, you claim to be all about, then get out of the primaries. let the party activists, the candidates who generate excitement WITHOUT your thumb (and money) weighing in. The idea that the party would be in the position of spending money to stop a popular Democrat is pretty sick!

There are cases all around the country where your meddling is not only giving a weaker candidate a better and unfair shot, but also, going a long way to disenfranchise the people we most need in the general, the dedicated committed party activists who are currently knocking on doors for the Democratic Party but wont be there in November if you unfairly squash wonderful, exciting progressive candidates around the country in the primaries.

I am especially concerned with FL 18, where a dynamic, local war hero has a huge following and yet you helicopter in a nice mousy young woman with a tangential connection, but who still actually lives and works in DC. Yet you have directed money towards the mouse and encouraged exisiting elected officials to endorse her. Look. Lauren is a great Democrat, and she comes from money, so she could help self fund, but then, if she can bring her own money, why is the DCCC leaning towards her, pushing Pam Keith away and trying to demoralize the troops.

Sure either Lauren or Pam would be better than Mast, but to beat him in FL’s most purple district, we need an exciting candidate a war hero, a “local girl” who has energy, and who brings energy out in others. Why don’t you stay the F**k out of it until we Democrats have a chance to voice our opinion. If the district’s Dem’s really want a mouse instead of a lion to go up against the GOP-propped-up incumbent, then fine, we all will get out there and run the mouse as hard as she will go, but until then, please let our lion roar and get the heck back to DC!!!!

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