Basically, we have 3 levels of criminal justice in this country:

If you are rich, (and especially white and male) you will get the very best defense, and both a sympathic jury and judge, assuming the police even bother charging you with a crime. if you are the great middle, you will get sometihng close to justice, with verying degrees of both repesentation and sypathies. if you are poor, black, a woman, LGBTQ, and god forbid you are more than one, but especially poor, you will get almost no defense, very little sympathy and the harshest of sentences. if you dont believe me, look up a few articles on unfair sentencing, and the sentencing is only a tiny part of the system. given that, the current system is most inclined to disenfranchise those it has worked the hardest to block from voting even when they are free and law-abiding. automatically depriving a citizen of their right to vote is tantaumount to disenfranchising black and brown people. (80% of prison inmates do not have a high school diploma, think about what that means: if we could make sure our education system didnt fail poor young people and especially poor young peple of color, and if we sentenced EVERYONE fairly, our criminal justice system would look more like a european country, where they lock up 1/10th as many people per 100,000 and yet have less violent crime…. and they mostly allow inmates to vote.

If you do not believe the above, i can take you to any court house,city, county, state or federal any any corner of america on any given day the courts are in session and you will see the injustice of our system. it is systemic and it is not even partisan, its everywhere.

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